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2013 Hummingbird Calendar

2013 Hummingbird Calendar Hummingbirds are tiny, confident, animated and pugnacious. They include the smallest birds in the world and some that are sublimely beautiful, with glittering, iridescent plumage ornamented with fancy tufts and plumes. They have unique flying skills, unmatched by any other birds and a rare ability to go into torpor. The smallest hummers have the highest metabolic rate of any warm-blooded animal and spend much of their life on a knife-edge, within a few hours of death by starvation. If they were any smaller, they would be unable to produce energy fast enough to survive.

Hummingbirds have considerable appeal, and their fancy names provide an excellent idea of the way in which they have captured the imagination. The names are full of allusions to jewels and fairies, excellent examples being Ruby Topaz, Rufous-crested Coquette, Crowned Woodnymph, Sapphire-spangled Emerald, Empress Brilliant, Shining Sunbeam, and Long-tailed Sylph. The ancient Mexican name Huitzitzil (rays of the sun) is similarly expressive, but modern Latin American names often reflect hummingbird behavior. The Mexican chuparosa (rose-sucker) and Brazilian beija flor (flower kisser) are apt descriptions of their feeding behavior, while the Cuban zum-zum is a neat onomatopoeic description of how they sound in flight—much better than the prosaic “hummingbird”.

In this year’s calendar, Dr. Bahamón again brings to the enjoyment of our eyes thirteen pictures of these flying jewels. These photographs taken on his specific photo trips not only give praise to the beauty of these magnificent birds but also educate us about the variety and individual characteristics of these unique specimens so we can protect and admire them. Happy and prosperous 2013 for all!!

Click to view each month of the calendar in the gallery.

Dimensions: 13" x 19"
14 pages printed on high quality glossy paper, suitable for framing
Each wall calendar comes in a clear, plastic protective bag

Price: $ 19.99, (Texas Residents add 8.25% Tax = $ 21.64)
Shipping and Handling: $ 6.00
Total Cost: $ 25.99 (Total Texas Residents: 27.64)


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