Hey, My Name Is Dr. Juan E. Bahamon

I am a neurologist by training something that I was initially attracted to due to the intricacies of the brain but as a practicing doctor I soon realized that it is not how much you know, but how much you care, what is going to give you a mission in life.

Victim of my own invention I became entangled on a very sad and emotionally draining every-day routine with many crippled, disabled, demanding and terminally ill patients. To give balance to my life, I learned photography and I chose birds as my subjects of a love affair. Taking pictures of beautiful avian subjects I see  again the normalcy of nature, the splendor and perfection of feathers, colors, flight and grace in the air.

With the same meticulousness  that I approach a difficult diagnosis, with the same patience that I approach an agitated demented patient, with the same psychology that I disarm a prejudiced  paranoid subject,  I use  similar techniques to observe, stalk ,and follow beautiful birds, to capture them in a picture wafting until they give me their  most flattering pose.

Whether I am crawling in the mud, hiding in a hot blind, paddling a boat, hiking with my camera or standing on a deck or a shore for hours and hours, it gives me enormous pleasure to observe and record how nature has so many beautiful things to offer to our senses.

Studying  the light, the angle, the exposure, the depth of field, the sharpness, saturation and the composition allows me to render  pleasant portraits that not only are biologically correct but also gives justice to the magnificence of these avian jewels . Sharing my experiences with the public through the magic of photographygives me the balance that I need and then I feel emotionally recharged.

Thank you for coming to my website and if you are emotionally aroused by these photographs, then I feel  that perhaps this experience has been mutually therapeutic.

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