The Birds of Corpus Christi Texas
birds of corpus christi texas - photography by Juan Bahamon

Photography Locations

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Bird Photography Locations in Corpus Christi, TX

  1. Blucher Park: Blucher park located behind the Central Public Library is a great location during spring migration, there is a big blueberry tree in the middle that attract many orioles, grosbeaks and tanagers. Warblers are common by the ravine that crosses the park, under the bridge is great for sparrows, and there are lowering trees that attract a lot of hummingbirds. There is a bird bath in where it is possible to install a perch and if there are not many visitors spooking the birds, great frame-filling shots with a powerful lens are possible there.

  2. T Heads: There are three T Heads which are just docks for boats, they are located on the bayfront by downtown, there are many birds waiting for scraps from the shrimp boats, the birds are very accustomed to human traffic so they are very tolerant, easy to photograph Brown Pelicans, Laughing Gulls, Cormorants, Ruddy Turnstones. An Intermediate lens will suffice.

  3. Botanical Gardens: Located at the South Side were Staples Street ends (6000 block) it has a hummingbird garden where on migratory season (March and September)  it easy to capture Ruby throated hummingbirds, there is a lake frequented by American Coots, and different ducks especially in winter. During warbler migratory season it is common to see Painted buntings.

  4. Hans A. Suter Wildlife Area: Take SPID until Ennis Joslin exit turn left, you will see the entrance of the reserve on the right side. Excellent spot for flight shots of terns, pelicans, ospreys, gulls, caracaras, egrets and ducks. There is a long wooden deck with two observatory sites. In the afternoon the light is on the back so is excellent to capture birds on sweet light flying towards you. Be careful not leave anything valuable on your car, frequent window smashing there.

  5. John F. Kennedy Causeway: Between Corpus Christi and North Padre Island, Can be very productive and reliable for feeding herons, skimmers and egrets, just park on the beach. Just be careful not to disturb occasional breeding colonies of Black Skimmers.

  6. Packery Channel County Park: Turn left off J. F. Kennedy Causeway (park rd 22) 1 mile east of high bridge. Favorite spot for migratory warblers in March and April, also very reliable for orioles, buntings, easy to photograph from a car window while driving trough the streets. Birds favor the large Oak trees.

  7. Indian Point: Shorebirds such as American oystercatchers, willets are commonly seen there. Take the highway going to Portland, cross the sky bridge and just before reaching Portland you will see the entrance to your right hand side.

  8. Tule Lake:  It is behind the refineries. Take I 37 like going to San Antonio and exit on Carbon Minerals (exit 5), drive straight until the end of the road you will see a small way parallel to the lake. Reliable for Grooved Anis, Black-necked stilts and scissor-tailed flycatchers.

  9. Pollywog Pond: My favorite spot for least grebes, it is isolated area off Up River Road at Sharpsburg Road. Take I-37 like going to San Antonio, take exit 13, turn right on Callicoate Road, then left on Up River Road. .8 mile to the entrance on the right . Park and walk diked area of old water settling ponds. Rough walking in places. Excellent during migration and winter. Water birds, songbirds, migrants.

  10. Hazel Blazemore County Park: Brushy wooded park on the Nueces River. Entrance from FM Hwy 624. .5 mile west of Highway 77S. Inconspicuous sign at the right  at County Road 69 Marks the way. Resident Greater Roadrunner, Green Jays, Greater Kiskadees, excellent fall hawk migration

  11. North Padre Island Shoreline: Going to the Padre Island National Seashore, turn left on Balli Park and Bob Hill pier, it is allowed to drive on the beach, so from a car window and a slow approach, excellent opportunities for American Oystercatchers, Gulls, Terns, Willets, Plovers, Ruddy Turnstones


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